VUE VR omni-directional treadmill price slashed by $800

Deep discounting seems to be catching in the VR hardware world.

The VUE VR omni-directional treadmill home version (which is, point of fact, not actually a treadmill) has gone on sale for $799 down from its staggering debut price of $1,599.

The treadmill acts as a controller for your feet for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive units, and lets a user wearing special, zero-friction shoes to move around a concave platform to run, walk, swivel, and crouch. The feedback on the platform is fed as input to the VR content, simulating the open exploration of a space.



The VUE VR treadmill joins a small but competitive omni-directional treadmill landscape that has mostly been dominated by Virtuix Omni, which is no longer available unless you purchase a commercial edition, and license the attendant commercial software.

According to the product listing page, the VUE’s features include:

  • Walk, run, crouch and sit. Movement in any direction is possible, including backwards;
  • The concave platform enables smooth movement and ideally, a natural gaming experience;
  • Can hold up to 286.6 pounds;
  • Two belts for extra player security and safety;
  • Unobstructed rotation and movement across 360 degrees;
  • Head and body movement are decoupled so players can move and look in different directions at the same time;
  • VUE locomotive software translates the player movement speed into the game;
  • Supports most VR-ready games, plus new and legacy PC games (using the treadmill trackpad to input legacy keyboard commands like W, A, S, D, Space, etc.)

The VUE VR treadmill still faces steep competition from the less expensive KAT WALK ($599) that caters specifically to first person shooters.