HTC Vive Dethrones Oculus Rift on Amazon Best Sellers List for VR Headsets

A late summer sales boost helped the Vive topple Rift from atop the Amazon Best Sellers list, but units shipped doesn't tell the whole story.

htc vive best seller september 2017 amazon

Aided by a late summer sales boost from a very game price-cutting strategy, the HTC Vive has toppled the Oculus Rift from atop the Amazon Best Sellers List, taking control of the coveted #1 spot for VR headsets.

PlayStation VR’s popular – and competitively priced – launch bundle is threatening from a close third place.

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While Amazon is of course not the end-all-be-all of units sold, it’s a decent snapshot of public demand and real-time sales velocity. Google Trends approximates “interest” based on volume and frequency of related search terms, and the last 120 days of search data on flesh out the finer details of this market tug-of-war between Oculus and HTC.

Back in July, Oculus won back a great deal of market share with its aggressive price cut of the popular Rift + Touch bundle to the unforeseen rock-bottom price of $399. The Oculus VR unit overtook the Vive on the Amazon Best Sellers list, and, presumably, in overall sales, and the promotion was so successful that the company extended the campaign by several weeks. 

The sale has since ended and the Rift + Touch bundle is priced at $499, and the Vive, now $599 after a $200 price cut that was announced on August 21, has slipped back into first place – for now. 

However, as the holiday season approaches, strategic promotional pricing, game announcements, and product updates will have a huge impact on the consumer demand fluctuations in 2018, and right now, it looks like PlayStation VR could have the last laugh after all.