VentureBeat reported yesterday that Greycroft Venture Partner Jon Goldman had announced the close of $15.6 million in commitments for investments in VR, AR, video games and e-sports. Although the round just closed, GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund, LP (Tracker) has already made over 20 investments of $50k — $500k in seed stage companies in these verticals.

Goldman cut his teeth on gaming as the founder, CEO and chairman of Foundation 9 Entertainment, at one time the largest independent game developer in the world, and F9E’s studios were responsible for game titles based on globally renowned brands like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Matrix, and more.

Despite that background and the generalized trajectory of the fund’s investments, gaming will not be the only application of virtual reality that Tracker will invest in. Goldman points to an early investment of $300,000 in Floreo, a company that makes therapeutic VR simulations for people with autism.

Although VR, and the consumer appetite for it, took off more slowly than expected (and more slowly than initial valuations), Goldman is confident that we haven’t scratched the surface of potential revenues yet.

“I am bullish on these industries despite the trough of disillusionment,” he told VentureBeat. “There has been a historic trend in games where the drive for more immersion just keeps growing. It’s not going away, as gamers will always want more of it. Esports is not going away. These are not just fads of the moment.”

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