SUPERHOT VR Adds Party, Demo Mode

superhot vr

A Steam patch for the popular first person shooter game SUPERHOT VR was released on Monday, September 18, adding a long-awaited feature: party mode (also called demo mode).

While not a huge change, this feature makes it easier to switch between multiple users, as at a party or when demo-ing the game. Broadening the market appetite for VR content as compelling and addictive as SUPERHOT is a smart move for the developers and the rest of the industry, so we’re glad they did.

The development team made the announcement in a post to Steam’s community forum:

We know you’ve all been waiting for this. The new patch is here, and it contains are as follows:

  • Fixed a bug where the items were falling out of non-dominant hand in Oculus version
  • General optimization
  • Some minor bug tweaks
  • New feature – we added a demo/party mode. Basically first level of the game looped, ideal for showing the game to friends at parties or running on events and arcades.

After clicking play button in Steam you can choose between normal version and demo mode. Demo will restart automatically after 5 seconds from displaying “You can now safely remove your headset” info.

SUPERHOT VR has been one of the runaway successes, standing apart from similar titles in the FPS genre for its unique movement-as-time gameplay style, in which enemies (and bullets) travel only as quickly as you do.

Bonus: Watch a SUPERHOT VR speedrunner demolish the game in under 9 minutes.