‘Pokémon GO’ Adds Super Incubators, Double Stardust, New Eggs for Equinox

The craze of the summer Legendary raiding has calmed, and Niantic is bringing back small, monthly events.

pokemon go

To celebrate the arrival of fall, the Pokémon GO Equinox event will begin at 4pm ET on Friday, September 22, and will run until the same time on October 2.

Similar to previous events like Fire and Ice, or Grass, trainers will be able to hatch unusual species like Chansey, Larvitar, and Mareep from special 2km eggs, and earn other rewards, including triple XP for all new Pokémon added to a player’s Pokédex and double Stardust for all Pokémon caught and hatched.

pokemon go equinox chansey larvitar mareep

Pokémon GO will also introduce a new item, Super Incubators, that will hatch Pokémon eggs 50% faster than usual – which will be helpful for quickly hatching any eggs players are holding now to make room for the limited edition eggs likely to hold Chansey, Larvitar, or Mareep.

The official announcement also gives Trainers some hints about how to make sure they get a chance at Legendaries:

This a very good time to battle against the Legendary Pokémon originally from the Johto region. Don’t forget that Raikou, Entei, or Suicune will each travel to a new part of the world on September 30, so make sure to battle the Legendary Pokémon currently in your area while you can!