Dell has entered the fraught and frothy VR hardware space with a proprietary Dell Visor that will be bundled with the company’s popular line of VR-ready Alienware gaming PCs.

The declaration came at IFA conference, alongside the announcement of updated 8th-gen Intel processors for Dell’s laptop and convertible PC lines.

The Dell Visor is positioned as its “first-ever virtual reality headset for Windows Mixed Reality” (I know) and is intended to serve as a gateway device with a low price point that’s easy to use, hoping to convert some of those potential consumers who have been reluctant to make the investments in VR components — most of which, so far, have come with hefty price tags.

As reported by Ars Technica UK:

Overall, the Visor feels less cumbersome on your face than an Oculus Rift. With no external sensors needed, it’s also easier to set up than an HTC Vive.

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Those advantages, along with bundling with a PC from an established, longstanding brand like Dell, might be the key in unlocking a larger customer segment.

Analysts and investors have cited disappointing headset sales since 2016 as a reason the industry has been slower to advance than initially anticipated. Content and hardware excitement has been high, and consumer interest has been high, but sales have still lagged.

The VR Visor, however, will work only with apps in Microsoft’s store, and is not compatible with Oculus or Steam software at this time. It also doesn’t come with the Mixed Reality Controllers you’ll need to really do anything; those will set you back another $100.

Pre-sales will begin next month.

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