Teslasuit Unlocks New Realms in VR

Among the most vital factors for a successful VR experience, the haptic vest is wearable technology that grants you the ability to receive tactile information through perceived sensations throughout the game. Now, imagine this level...
Photo by Eugene Capon from Pexels

Virtual Reality Gaming Market Could Hit US$ 32.8 Billion by 2023

In the beginning, VR gaming seemed pretty unattainable to most people, right? However, with a market reaching US$ 8.2 billion by the end of 2017, the tides seem to be changing – in fact,...

Ralph Breaks into The VOID

Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB and Disney studios have teamed up for a new experience that will share space in The VOID with Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. As Ralph Breaks the Internet prepares to hit...

NYC virtual reality tournament will feature Superhot, Elite: Dangerous, more

Virtual reality arcade Hubneo is hosting a VR gaming competition this Saturday at their Lower East Side location in New York. Participants will be able to choose to compete in multiple titles: Project Cars, Elite:...

Trailer released for Wrench, a VR game about fixing cars

Digital Mistake announced an upcoming VR title, Wrench, and the game’s developer Alec Moody released a trailer that includes prototype footage of core game mechanics, and it’s pretty @#$%ing wild. For obvious and dope reasons, the announcement...

Real-time digital human avatar rendering leaves SIGGRAPH 2017 attendees stunned

Attendees at SIGGRAPH 2017 were treated to a look at the future of real-time digital human rendering. SIGGRAPH’S VR Village hosted an experience that featured interviews by a digital avatar being “driven” in real-time...