vr omnidirectional treadmill

VR Omnidirectional Treadmills – The Complete Roundup

Of all the apparatus and peripherals promised by VR, omnidirectional treadmills are one of the most intriguing, pervasive, and expensive problems that developers are...
Space Pirate Trainer release 1.0

Space Pirate Trainer 1.0 Launches Oct. 12

The day is won! But the battle's just getting started... The popular Space Pirate Trainer by I-Illusions is maturing out of Early Access mode, and...
Moveo simulatorvideo

I Tried Moveo, the First Free Rotation Simulator in the World

The Moveo was announced by Krush Technologies in early 2016 and had hundreds of gamers, VR-heads, tech writers and gadget junkies salivating at its...
best vr arcades nyc

6 VR Arcades in New York City You Have to See to Believe

The advent of VR arcades in NYC has breathed new life into city's struggling brick-and-mortar arcade industry. Retro video game cabinets are now nostalgic...
SAO replication project

Sword Art Online: Replication Project VR game will host beta test event in December

Bandai Namco announced a forthcoming Sword Art Online virtual reality game on day 2 of the Tokyo Games Show. The official title is Sword Art Online:...
superhot vr

SUPERHOT VR Adds Party, Demo Mode

A Steam patch for the popular first person shooter game SUPERHOT VR was released on Monday, September 18, adding a long-awaited feature: party mode...
pokemon go

‘Pokémon GO’ Adds Super Incubators, Double Stardust, New Eggs for Equinox

To celebrate the arrival of fall, the Pokémon GO Equinox event will begin at 4pm ET on Friday, September 22, and will run until the...